Why can't planes take off during snowfall in Pakistan

Why can’t planes take off during snowfall in Pakistan?

Why can’t planes take off during snowfall in Pakistan?

Can no aircraft fly during snowfall from Pakistani airports?

This question arose when the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane was trapped on Monday morning at Quetta airport for lack of equipment for de-icing.

De-icing refers to the freezing of the aircraft and its engine and this must be done before any aircraft can fly.

However, according to the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority, the facility is not available at any airport in Pakistan and according to them, it is the responsibility of the company operating the aircraft under international civil aviation rules.

Why can't planes take off during snowfall in Pakistan

PIA spokesman Abdullah Khan said in a statement that when the flight to Quetta landed, it started snowing after which the plane was trapped.

He said, ‘Deicing is required in such weather but it is not managed at Quetta Airport. Providing this facility is the job of the airport, Civil Aviation. ‘

On the other hand, Abdul Sattar Khokhar, senior joint secretary of the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority, told the BBC that only a few airports in Pakistan have equipment for removing snow from runways and tarmac.

However, there is no arrangement for snow removal from the aircraft as it does not require much, he said.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, all airlines have been advised to manage their own to handle this kind of situation. However, he said that as climate change is occurring, Civil Aviation is bringing a lot of changes to deal with this situation and this aspect will also be considered.

“Since it is snowing on a hot day, we have never needed it so much.”

According to Civil Aviation officials, snow has been removed from the runway and taxiway of Quetta International Airport, but there is no equipment at Quetta Airport to operate snow removal on the aircraft’s wings because of its specificity. Agents and devices are required and special certification is required.

When asked about the PIA, he said, “It is the job of regulators and oversight agencies to provide such facilities all over the world.” Airlines can’t manage that. ‘

It should be noted that on Monday, PIA canceled other flights, including Islamabad, Quetta, Islamabad and Karachi, Quetta, Karachi, due to absence of supplies and chemicals needed for snow removal.

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