Why are pregnant Chinese nurses provocative

Why are pregnant Chinese nurses provocative?

Why are pregnant Chinese nurses provocative?

A pregnant nurse who is treating a patient with a corona virus outbreak in Wuhan Hospital is facing serious reactions from across the country.

The video, broadcast by China Central Television (CCTV), aims to make nine-month-old pregnant nurse Zhao Yu a hero.

But it has its opposite, with social media users criticizing the hospital for allowing pregnant nurses to work in a virus-infected environment.

One user said the woman was used as a “propaganda weapon.”

So far, the corona virus has killed more than 2,200 people in China, most of them in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province.

More than 75,000 cases of infection have been reported in China alone. The virus has spread worldwide, with more than a thousand cases and countless deaths.

CCTV official media released a video last week showing Zhao Yu working in the emergency room of a military hospital in Wuhan.

The video shows that they are in the last months of pregnancy. He is wearing a dangerous goods suit and is visiting the hospital ward. During the tour, he saw a patient being examined, who was later sent to the fever department. Patients may be heard saying they should not work because it is “dangerous”.

Xiao Yu acknowledged in the video that his family was opposed to continuing his work, but added that he wanted to continue to play a role in fighting the virus.

But the video … the purpose of paying tribute to their sacrifice has the opposite effect on viewers. Many have accused him of using his story as “propaganda.”

Another user said, “Can we stop all these promotions? Who thinks this video is OK? Pregnant women shouldn’t (on the front line).

A user commented, “This is a show for political purposes? Don’t send a nine-month-old pregnant woman to do it.

Someone said, “I really think the news … whatever the health of women is, they should be encouraged to fight blindly in the front. It is really bad.
Why are pregnant Chinese nurses provocative
However, videos from China are not the only videos provoking Internet users.

In another video released this week by Gansu official media, several female nurses can be seen crying with shaking their heads.

The video explains that the nurses are shaving their heads so that patients can easily wear protective gear during treatment.

But many seem to be skeptical of this logic, asking why women can’t short hair instead of shaving their heads. Many people have been asking why there are no videos of men shaving their heads?

The tag #SeeingFemaleWorkers was also found on the Chinese microblog site Weibo. The label calls on people to praise the sacrifices of women working on the front lines.

Another user said, “Professional attitude. Confidence and loyalty. Power is proud of all of these features. Women can’t just do well just because they shaved long hair.

A comment on WeChat wrote: “Why do the media always use women’s sacrifice as a tool for propaganda? Would it be admirable if these women worked with long hair on the front line or if they were not pregnant?

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