What to do when the news makes you feel anxious

What to do when the news makes you feel anxious

Whether we are concerned about politics, crime or helplessness with natural disasters, many of us are worried when watching or reading the latest news.

What to do when the news makes you feel anxious

But sometimes, certain situations or problems make us feel really anxious. In a world of 24/7 news updates, more and more people are communicating with current affairs on social media and bombing news online. How can we deal with news-related anxiety?

Health exposure
Generally, if we are concerned about a situation, it is a good idea to expose ourselves to that situation. For example, if we are concerned in a crowded place, the therapist may suggest that we take some time to expose ourselves to this situation as part of the treatment.

But, while it’s important not to completely avoid news, it’s not a good idea to spend too much time reading and reviewing news that makes us anxious. Dr. Sharie Coombes, a neuropsychotherapist, said: “Usually, avoidance can be a negative thing because of anxiety.” “But there is an argument that you should stay away from negative news. You cannot live your life in a vacuum, but in a controlled Treat it gently. ”

This may include focusing on the headlines, rather than delving into the stories that trigger anxiety, or even preventing people you trust from telling you the truth.

mind control
Of course, even if we don’t read stories about worrying crimes or tragic situations, we will find ourselves addicted to issues that make us anxious. If you find yourself thinking too much about the subject or feeling anxious for a lot of time, it’s important to take a break from your mind.

Coombes agrees: “If you tend to force thinking, it’s hard to think about other things.” “The brain is always trying to figure out something, document it and move on. If it’s not needed, we have to help it refocus.

“Think of a blank piece of paper. There is a purple dot in the middle. If you just focus on that dot, it feels like everything. You need to deliberately look at other things, whether it’s a walk or coffee Work out with friends or play with kids. Try browsing the rest of the page. ”

Tricky conversation
The problem with anxiety about what’s happening in the news is that even if it’s not our anxiety, others will share our concerns. These “trigger situations” can occur in conversations whether you are at work, meeting friends, or chatting with your parents. So how do you handle this situation?

“In some conversations, it may be simple to say that you are currently struggling to find this topic and do not want to talk about it,” Coombes said. “Of course, in some cases (for example, if you are in a meeting), this It may not be possible. ”

If you don’t feel comfortable asking for a conversation, you can use conversation skills to shift the subject. “Try to shift the conversation from the topic of focus to something more practical: possible solutions,” Coombes suggested. “If you’re worried about people living in poverty, talk about ways in which we can help. We can’t control the whole situation, but we can usually control part of it. For example, donating or helping a food bank.”

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