the world has been unable to control the corona coronation ceremony

the world has been unable to control the corona coronation ceremony. The outbreak of this disease has hindered the lives of other companies, and has had a double impact on the health department. Doctors and other medical staff suddenly suffered from similar diseases. According to reports, in the absence of available treatment, this dangerous and life-threatening patient is at risk of being more easily diagnosed by treatment methods-protective clothing and equipment that can provide protection in this regard are now available worldwide. To succeed in low-income countries, the World Health Organization seems powerless in this regard-on the other hand, patients in urgent need of medical assistance cannot reach the hospital due to the outbreak of the disease. Even if they arrive at the hospital in some way, medical staff may be due to serious Not getting proper care and necessary medical care. Can give-
The virus is easily spread from the invisible and intangible extracts of the human body through the mouth and respiratory tract-therefore, all medical personnel may suffer from this disease, but anesthesiologists and doctors are the most many people in this danger-because Their responsibilities include airway drainage and ventilator delivery through artificial respiration-breathing and squeezing the oral cavity throughout the process is very easy for medical providers. Without proper protective clothing and equipment, anesthesiologists may be infected with this virus. In addition, if the ventilator is not equipped with the necessary protective equipment, the virus can survive and spread to patients later-in this regard, all necessary doctors and other anesthesiologists should take urgent measures. All over the country is very important-

the world has been unable to control the corona coronation ceremony
According to experts, this training can be divided into two parts:
1-Protective clothing and accessories
2- Operating room and ventilator protection

Protective clothing and accessories:

1- All workers who provide medical assistance in any way need to wear a special mask on the mouth and nose of the most important protective clothing called “N1”-The highlight of this mask is that there is a very fine The filter prevents all virus particles from entering the body through breathing-the mask is different in shape and size, and is selected according to the facial texture-stay on the beard’s face. Hair can affect its fit and performance-so it may be necessary to cut off the beard regularly to protect its life-anyway if it is not used due to facial texture, a device called “PAPR” will be needed-the device is expensive and difficult to use , Its availability cannot be guaranteed in Pakistan.
2- Eye masks and face masks can be completely covered with various types of protective covers, any person can use any design.
3- Wearing gowns and gloves is a must for protective clothing. It is best to wear two layers of gloves-all these preparations are called “putting on and taking off clothes”-in the operating room. Must be space-specific—YouTube ’s instructions appear in the form of movies, and all staff must watch them at least twice—a link to one of the hundreds of videos below. presence-

Operating room and ventilator protection:

All staff who will assist you in the operating room should discuss all the steps in detail so that everyone knows the plan and work you have made for all team members. In order for everyone to play their part-before taking the patient to the operating room, make sure that all necessary medicines and equipment are available and ready to use.
1- All employees who provide medical assistance to patients with corona virus should fix their mobile phones and other personal items in advance to avoid being touched.
2- The “liver filter” (HEPA) must be installed on all ventilators, otherwise the virus will survive in patients who return to the machine-liver filter particles larger than 3.5 microns have a tolerance of up to 1.5%-therefore, this The presence of filters is essential to protect the ventilator.
3- Whenever you intend to inhale the coronary artery, you must perform this procedure in the operating room or the operating room where the airtight system of the hospital is in a “negative pressure” state, so any bacteria will enter the air. They cannot walk out of the room, and staff and patients in other rooms will also be safe-the same is true with LMA.
4- If the operating room does not have a negative pressure ventilation system, the operating room door should be closed for 15 minutes after inhalation to remove visible and invisible splints in the air. Safety measures must be taken even after the airway drainage after the operation is completed-as mentioned before, the same applies to the accepted LMA-on the other hand, patients who are not present in the ward where the respiratory system is located may cause greater hospital staff and equipment Danger-therefore,

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