Get health and beauty from Matthew

Get health and beauty from Matthew!

Get health and beauty from Matthew!

Get health and beauty from Matthew

Fenugreek is said to be useful in treating diabetes. Use of cinnamon in diabetics is said to keep the sugar levels in the body balanced and reduce insulin resistance. Eating about 20 grams daily reduces the amount of sugar in the blood. At the advice of the physician, the proportion of sugar can be used up to 100 grams daily.
Fenugreek seeds can also be used as lentils or cooked in a vegetable. The method of using diabetic seeds for diabetic patients is to grind the fenugreek seeds in the morning and in the afternoon with twenty grams of plain water. Use: If the sugar is high thirty thirty grams and if less then ten grams can be used in the morning and afternoon.
Experts also say that its use has no side effects.

Disorders of hormones
One teaspoon of chopped pineapple in a cup of water is said to be useful in disordering drinking hormones.
Treatment of stress and anxiety
If there is constant mental pressure, it should be consumed by boiling a cup of cinnamon, lemon juice, honey, basil leaves and a piece of cinnamon in a cup of water.

Reduction in menstrual pain

Drinking a pinch of cinnamon with a glass of warm water is useful in the pain of menstruation. Even if two or three days before the prescribed procedure, this prescription may also be protected against other problems caused by periods.
To eliminate blackheads
Boil three tablespoons of mustard seeds in two cups of water so that the water remains half.
Now make a kernel paste and apply this paste on blackheads and open wipes. Let it dry and then scrub on the face and remove it. For the first time, there will be a clear difference and after few days, the blackheads will be removed. Allow the buckwheat water to remain in the hair roots all night. Wash it in warm water in the morning. It strengthens the hair roots and makes the hair thicker.

For new mothers
Bladder is useful for breastfeeding mothers. Also, use of methane is useful in post-delivery weakness. It strengthens bones.
For the downpour
It is useful in treating colds, chest discomfort and phlegm. In the morning, drink two teaspoons of water with honey in a cup of boiling water.
Continuous use also removes the old stench. The aroma of fenugreek is very appetizing. The foods used in fenugreek are not only delicious but also healthy. Fenugreek is also guaranteed with good health. To us, fenugreek is eaten fondly. The fenugreek is more fragrant than fenugreek in other areas.
Experts say that the power of fenugreek and ammoniac fibers in beeswax is so beautifully established that it is closest to milk in its appearance. It contains an organic type of steel besides phosphorus, without spoiling the stomach. Immediately absorbs and removes anemia from the body.
It contains a variety of alkalids. One of the many benefits is Trigonelline. According to the American researcher, fennel oil is completely substituted in terms of its ingredients and composition. “Sometimes its effects are even better than fish liver oil.”
Fenugreek seeds are useful in diabetes and heart diseases.
Salt Ingredients in Fenugreek Seeds Useful for intestinal irritation, gas, chronic diarrhea and gastric ulcer. Fenugreek tea is useful in gynecological females. Yes, it absorbs the body’s cells and provides resistance to diseases. People with jaundice and skin diseases can get many benefits by using methane powder.

Fenugreek: Inflammation of the throat, edema, and fenugreek which is useful for soreness, it is helpful to reduce the respiratory distress. It is useful in the severity of cough. Is.
Fenugreek kills the stomach, digests it, and is useful for those with mucus. In case of constipation, the fenugreek seeds should be mixed with jaggery in the jaggery in the morning and evening. And constipation goes away while the liver is strengthened.

Nail acne on face
To remove nails and acne on the face, add four teaspoons of chopped coriander in four cups of water for overnight. After filtering this water in the morning for 15 minutes, cool it and give it water daily. Once applied to the face, nail acne is removed.
Fenugreek is also reported to be useful in beauty.
To remove the facial scars, grind the fenugreek seeds and massage it on the face. Grinding the seeds of fenugreek seeds in water twice a week causes the hair to become black and stops falling. Grinding 200 g of fenugreek leaves once a week on the head will also relieve dandruff. It is also useful in the fungus. Applying fresh leaves of fenugreek daily to the face after a few minutes of warm water to keep the face safe from nausea and dryness.

The use of fenugreek removes the eyelids.
The bitter taste of the mouth is corrected by the use of fenugreek.
Eating chili relieves a problem such as resin flow.
Methy eliminates hunger.
Eating fats

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