Corona virus has also caused panic in Italy

Corona virus has also caused panic in Italy

Corona virus has also caused panic in Italy, with deadly viruses causing schools in Lombardy to be closed indefinitely.

According to the details, due to the corona virus, schools in Lombardy, Italy are closed indefinitely, prohibiting various political parties, social gatherings and parties.

Assembly in the synagogue is also prohibited; it is only open in government offices in the province.

Tehran: Mayor of Corona city affected by virus, universities and cinemas closed
Corona virus has also caused panic in Italy
The Caruna Kiruna virus is believed to have killed seven people in Iran and affected more than 28 people. Universities in multiple cities, including Tehran, have since been closed for a week, even in movie theaters. The lock collapsed and the celebrations were cancelled. Saudi Arabia banned its citizens from travelling to Iran.

Iraq and Turkey have closed their borders with Iran, Iraqi air routes have been suspended, Pakistan has also closed the Tufts and Chaggi borders, and emergency execution has been implemented in the Baluchistan area adjacent to Iran.

At the same time, the number of deaths from corona virus in China has increased to more than 2,400, and 77,000 people have been infected. Four other cases of the virus have been identified.

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